solid timber Doors

solid timber Doors

Custom Doors

The entrance to your commercial building or family home is the first place you have to make a great statement and welcoming space.

Choosing the correct door and framing combination is very important to achieve the look you are after!

How wide and high is your opening going to be? What combination best suits your opening? What impact do you want to make? How much light do you want to let into your space? Our dedicated team is well trained to help you make the best decision for your project.

Solid Timber Doors

  • Solid timber doors, bi-fold doors, sliding doors and frames, using track and hardware systems

  • Entrance and internal custom doors

  • Door jambs and frames

  • Custom-made casement, awning and double hung windows

DSB Joinery offer a wide range of quality timber doors to suit any budget or opening!

We love a good challenge and specialise in custom made doors which are handcrafted by our qualified joiners. Choosing a custom made door allows you to bring out your creative side and design something unique with your own personal touch.

We also make our own range of standard doors here in our factory using the traditional mortice and tenon joints.

Timber Bi-Fold Doors

Our bi-fold solid timber doors are of a very high quality and are supplied pre-hung in the frame. The hardware we use is exceptional for wearing properties,  withstanding tough weather conditions.

Making a statement in your home or space can be very difficult... a great way of achieving this is by placing timber bi-fold doors leading from your living areas to your outdoor entertaining area, helping you to create the feeling of class, elegance and space by bringing the inside out and outside in!

DSB Joinery also offer great screening solutions to keep the bugs out without taking away the appeal of the open space. Either design your own door or choose from one of our many door designs. Below are a few popular choices.


Timber sliding (stacker) doors are a beautiful compliment to any home.

With a wide range of door styles to choose from, a set of sliding doors can be suited to any home or environment. Because we have our own purpose built joinery, our clients are not limited to a style or size of door.

Sliding timber screen doors can be made to match your doors and optimise security. We also have the option of a retractable fly screen for a compact and discreet solution.


DSB Joinery offer a wide range of quality standard size solid timber doors at very competitive prices!

We also offer a range of standard doors . The doors are made in bulk to help reduce the individual cost of each door, and are constructed by qualified joiners using the traditional mortice and tenon joints giving you a quality product.


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